Shipping and return policies for Familiar Theme

Shipping Info
First Class Mail (for merch under 13 oz): 2-5 days after mail date.
Priority Mail (for merch over 13 oz): 1-4 days after mail date.
Media Mail (CDs, vinyl, tapes): 2-9 days after mail date.

We are pretty normal people with normal lives that involve school and work, so please do not be alarmed if your order does not go out same day or even the next day. We will try our best to send out orders in a timely manner. Every eligible order will receive tracking information and a shipment update.
Return Policy
Only factory damaged items are eligible for returns. If you get one of these, we are truly sorry. We are not responsible for damages during transit.

Orders can only be canceled before shipment. You might be able to get lucky and cancel before we mail it out (after postage has been printed).

If you have any problems, please send a message to: